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About us

In development

Husky Isogaisa is on Kvernmo in Gratangen, about half an hour’s drive north of Narvik. Here we combine Sami experiences with the experiences of nature from dog-sledding. In fact, we are a family business, where all family members participate to the best of their ability. It is an old Sami tradition.

In nature

Kvernmo is a small mountain village with about 20 inhabitants. There are some families with children, some farmers, and some retirees. Kvernmo is a quiet place with beautiful nature. In the evening it is completely dark, since we have no streetlights. In other words, we live and work in nature. And nature there is plenty of! The dog-sledding trips first go along the river, through beautiful and trollish woods, before we reach an open area where we can see the enormous mountains that surround the village.

In the lavvu

Fireplace, coffee brewed over the fire, reindeer skins, and silence are all part of the life in the lavvu. Food is served in the lavvu. The shaman also knows what power reigns, when you are living in a Sámi hamlet

In the family

It started last summer when Beate getting a husky bitch from a dog farm in the village. After a few weeks we noticed that the dog started to put on weight. Everyone was happy, since she was actually a little bit thin. But suddenly one day the bitch had a huge belly, and finally we understood whats going to happen. In August, 6 puppies were born. The children were determined that we should keep everyone, so there was nothing to do but build a dog farm. Since we are animal friends, on the verge of the fanatical, it became a dog farm under a roof, and isolated dog houses. Then we got some adult huskies from a dog farm that was to close down. So suddenly our dog farm was full. To the great delight of the children.

In these days

We have previously had a number of guests here for Sami experiences, ceremonies and dog sledding. Due to the corona pandemic, we are now focusing on the Norwegian market. By only accepting small groups, it is no problem to follow infection control routines.  Each groups to the same cohort / family. Then the guests can sit on one side of the fire, and we on the other side. When we are out in the snow for dog sledding, it is even easier to take care of infection control. Guests ride their own sleigh, or sit in front, on Beate’s sleigh.
And one good thing: the coronavirus cannot be transmitted via dogs! Therefore its possible to have close contact with the huskies. They are kind and like a little cuddle.

our great team


Ronald Kvernmo

Sámi Shaman

Has worked with Sami shamanism for 20 years. Shamanism is something you have to be born to do. It started already when he was a child. While other children played football, Ronald was alone in the woods, together with the animals, spirits, and forefathers. They have since been his companions throughout life, but he is also concerned with taking care of Sami culture and traditions. Ronald is responsible for the ceremonies.


Beate-Kristin Sandjord

Tour Guide

is responsible for all dogs, both in terms of care, feeding and training. She has developed a personal relationship to each individual dog, and knows their whims and characteristics. Beate drives in front, when we go out for mushing. And when Beate is bak again, she makes fantastic food for everyone.


LONE Sandjord Kjørsvik

Tour Guide

Teenage girls use to hang around with friends downtown. But Lone prefere instead to bring her friends to the forest, for dog sledding. She also use to feed and train the dogs. Lone has also a special relationship to the puppies. When Lone finish the dog sledding, she use to serve chaga and food for the guests.