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Welcome to Husky Isogaisa

Our tours:

Dog-sledding with dinner and Sámi Northern Lights Ceremony NOK 1950.-

Every day 16.00 – 19.30 o’clock

Dog-sledding trip NOK 1590.-

Every day 12.00 – 14.30

Guovsahas – the Northern Lights
NOK 595.-

Every day 17.00-20.00

Lavvu ceremony
NOK 695.-

Every day 16.00-19.00

Dog sledding with wagon on Husky Isogaisa NOK 1590.-

15 September – 01 December

Sami sacrificial site tour NOK 695.-

Summer time 09.00-15.00


Gratangen, troms

The municipality is named after the Gratangen fjord (Old Norse: Grjótangr). The first element is grjót which means “stone” and the last element is angr which means “fjord”.


by Animal Watch

The moon

Do you have the moon sickness?

The power of the moon can be strong in the dark times. If one goes too long without moonlight, one may be seized by melancholia and gloominess. Therefore one hangs a brass-ring in the smoke-opening to stop the power of the moon. But it could also be good to offer some reindeer meat, so that the God of the Moon stays in the sky without disturbing the people. At the same time a brass-ring may protect you against gloominess.