Join us on a trip to a Sami sacrificial site, together with a Sami shaman. The trip takes 6 hours, and goes through marshes, mountainous terrain, and a river. The trip itself is both a wander through the landscape of the arctic and the landscape of the soul. When we arrive we will meet the power of the Holy Stone.

The Sami people wander between inland and coast while they follow their reindeer-herds. The wandering is long and difficult, often through wet snow or freezing temperatures. This trip is done twice a year. In the spring they go to the coast and in the autumn they return inland. Along the road they pass several fantastical sceneries, not to mention holy places. Such a holy place can be found nearby. 

The trip there goes through a marsh, over rock and river. We go there under summer conditions.  Getting to the sacrificial site is a small physical challenge, but the larger challenge is mental. When you wander through the mountains, we bring a Sami shaman who also leads us on a wandering of the soul where we learn to brace ourselves to meet the power of the Holy Stone.

When we arrive we first take a small coffee break, and afterwards the shaman tells of how the Sami people has used the sacrificial site through hundreds of years. At the end there will be a ceremony where you may feel the power of the Holy Stone for yourself, not to mention the Sami spirits of nature who reside in the place.

It is important to show respect to the sacrificial site. One acts hushed and peacefully. Trash and cigarette butts can’t be discarded in nature, and at least not nearby the Holy Stone.

Clothes: Tall water-proof boots or mountaineer boots. Bring extra clothes and rain-wear. The stone lies at the bottom of Harvvesčohkka (Regnfjellet/the Rain Mountain) 


09.00 – 16.00

Approx. 6 hours

Number of participants:


Lapphaugen Turiststasjon

Included in the price:
Coffee/tea. (Bring your own food)
Storytelling about sami culture and joik
Sacret ceremony

Latest booking:
Booking latest at 16.00  two days before departure

Ronald Kvernmo +4795935355

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